CMA announces “Algoritmos” an algorithmic trading solution, now available on CMA Trade Hub the world’s largest Latin American trading network


CMA the leading Market Data, Order Management and Connectivity provider in Brazil has officially launched CMA Algoritmos onto its Trade Hub platform. CMA can now provide algorithmic trading as a part of its portfolio of leading LatAm capital markets services and applications. CMA product offerings are currently in use throughout Latin America by over 17,000 workstations, 75 brokers with access to over 100 global exchanges.

CMA Algoritmos is a sophisticated suite of solutions particularly designed for and by the Brazilian trading market with uses throughout Latin American, Europe and North America. The user simply defines trading strategies, customizes triggers while being able to utilize many common methodologies such as SpreadMaker, VWAP, TWAP, QuickBasket, Best Offer, Volume Tracker and Financial Summary as a few examples.

CMA has enabled Algoritmos onto CMA Trade Hub, the largest network of services and applications utilizing all versions of FIX in Latin America, so that any interested trading party Buy-Side or Sell-Side in North America, Europe or beyond would have instantaneous access to broker dealers for execution.

The CMA services and applications on Trade Hub are utilized by more than 17,000 workstations from 60 brokers and many of their clients in Brazil as well as 15 other brokers and their clients throughout: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. The addition of Algoritmos makes trading Equities, Futures, Options and Foreign eXchange in Latin American Capital Markets even more lucrative.

About CMA

Consulting, Methods, Advisory and Mercantil known as CMA, is a Sao Paolo, Brazil headquartered global financial services company. Since 1973 CMA has been developing high-tech solutions for capital markets all over the world and is the leading technology used for capital markets exchange trading in Brazil. CMA runs 3 core business units to serve its market participants:

• CMA’s Market Data unit provides consolidated market data and ticker plant technologies
• CMA’s Trade Execution unit provides OMS, ISV, DMA, Algorithms, Risk Management and Back office services
• CMA’s Telecommunications unit helps clients requiring local loops, national and international connectivity, collocation and ultra-low latency proximity

CMA operates 14 offices around the world with centralized offices in Sao Paolo, Madrid and New York.

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